Caring for your Christmas Tree

Before erecting your tree give it a hose down to remove dust and to help hydrate it.

Keep your tree in water.  To keep it fresh cut deeply into the base and place immediately into water, keeping the water level above the fresh cuts.

An average tree will absorb about 4 litres of water in the first 24 hours and about 1 litre each day after that.  So to avoid having to top up the water throughout the first day you can place your tree in a bucket of water and in a cool place for a  day before placing it in its stand.

If the water level falls below the cuts in the trunk, a seal of sap will form, preventing the tree from absorbing water.
If this happens make another cut.  This can be done without dismantling your tree by stabbing deeply into the trunk with, say, a hammer and chisel.

Ensure the tree is placed away from sunlit windows or other heat sources as they have a drying impact on your tree

Please note that is not reasonable for us to know that you have carefully followed the care tips above.  We are unable to refund or replace  your Christmas tree if it does not last the anticipated 4 weeks..


Our Plantation Grown Christmas Trees

Environmentally friendly - our Christmas trees help prevent soil erosion and salinity. Those harvested are replaced each year on a sustainable basis.

Greenhouse Effect - our Christmas tree plantation helps to combat greehhouse emissions. One acre of Christmas trees produces daily oxygen requirements of 18 people.